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Development of the territory

The implementation of the project will be an impetus for the development of Ust-Kut district, the adjacent northern districts and an example of public-private partnership. After the commissioning of Irkutsk Polymer Plant, the gross regional product of Irkutsk region will increase by 3–4 %, while non-resource exports will amount to 800 mln dollars a year. Proceeds to all levels of the budget for 30 years from the start of the project will be about 155 billion roubles, including 122 billion roubles — to the regional and local budgets.

Information centre

In order to inform the public about all stages of development of the new enterprise, a plan of interaction with stakeholders was adopted, in which the company holds meetings with representatives of municipal authorities, public organizations and active residents of the city. 

A new modern city district

A new modern city district with the necessary social infrastructure will be built for the plant’s employees in Ust-Kut. Investments in the construction of the new housing district will amount to about 12 billion roubles.


Fourteen design projects — collective and individual — from all over the country participated in the competition to create the concept of the new district. The winners were architects from St. Petersburg and Irkutsk.

The project provides for groups of residential buildings — about 30 blocks for 3,000 people. It is also planned to build a school for 520 students and two daycare centres for 280 children.

The general design contractor began engineering surveys. It is planned to pass the examination of design documentation by March 2022, and to complete the construction of houses of the first stage — by 2024.

The area of the new district will be 25.7 hectares; it will be located on the right bank of the Lena River in the southern part of Ust-Kut. The main principles of the layout were the formation of compact residential neighbourhoods with maximum preservation of green spaces and the distribution of social amenities for the convenience of residents.


Staff directly involved in production will live and work in Ust-Kut.  

Young specialists, employees relocating from other regions, where the necessary competencies have already been established, as well as internal candidates from the INK group of companies and local residents are invited to work. 

Current vacancies of Irkutsk Polymer Plant are published at its website.

A separate feedback channel for Ust-Kut residents’ employment was created. City residents are invited to contact OOO Irkutsk Polymer Plant regarding vacancies or other employment-related issues at

In addition, regular career guidance meetings are held with schoolchildren and graduates of universities and vocational schools.

The company conducts vocational training among students and young specialists, and forms a personnel policy aimed at attracting local people to the project. It is planned not only to hire specialists directly, but also to conduct training programs for local residents with a basic technical education. More than 15 local contractors are already involved in the construction phase of the plant (as of the beginning of August 2021), and their number will increase.

Requirements to personnel are determined by the needs of the production process. These are mainly specialized technical specialists in various fields: process engineers, mechanics, power engineers, metrologists, as well as specialists of support departments: finance specialists, ecologists, logistics specialists, sales representatives, HR specialists, etc. Specialists and workers with experience in start-up and operation of similar production facilities, as well as graduates of secondary and higher educational institutions are invited. A training program has been developed for operating staff at Irkutsk Polymer Plant site.