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Excursions to the Irkutsk Polymer Plant

Visit polymer plant in Ust-Kut

Polymer valley at the heart of Siberia

Following the philosophy of openness and hospitality, Irkutsk Oil Company organizes discovery tours to the construction site of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant (IPP) and other facilities of the Gas Project in Ust-Kut town for everyone interested.


During the transfer

During transfer from the town center to the industrial site, visitors will learn about the town and district, the past, present and future of local industry, demography, geography and climate features, and the Irkutsk Oil Group’s impact and contribution to the socio-economic development of the area and its major socially-focused projects.

  • overview of the city
  • industrial past, present and future
  • geographic and climatic features
  • socio-economic development of the territory

Guests will get to know the dramatic history of oil and gas condensate fields development in the north of the Irkutsk Region laying the groundwork for the modern gas chemistry sector. During the trip, a documentary will be shown covering the one-of-a-kind logistics campaign to deliver super-heavy plant equipment from the South Korean port of Masan via the Northern Sea Route and Lena River to its destination in Ust-Kut.

It will also be revealed how decisions were made on the naming and location of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant considering industrial logistics, economic viability and environmental safety.

Территория проекта г. Усть-Кут
The project area is the Ust-Kut

Upon arrival to the IPP

Upon arrival to the premises of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant:

  • Guests will receive a safety briefing and personal protective equipment
  • Visitors will visit major production facilities and have an up-close look at cracking heaters, quench and gas purification towers, an 80 m high ethylene fractionator column and the biggest polymerization reactor in the world.
  • Another stop on the tour is the rotation camp with all the amenities – a canteen, gym, recreation room, etc.
  • In addition, guests will be informed of opportunities of employment with the Plant and qualifications needed, as bringing the facility on line will create 1,600 new jobs.

Visitors will have a chance to witness the cutting-edge technologies meeting stringent international and Russian environmental requirements that are deployed in construction of the plant.

IPP construction site, 2022
IPP construction site, 2022

In 2022, the company’s production sites attracted 217 visitors, schoolchildren and students for the most part.


Building the third biggest polymer plant in Russia is exactly the project that the entire country can be proud of. One cannot fail to be impressed by the sheer scale of the facility and people’s sincere involvement, and the story of how the plant equipment was transported is really gripping. This should be told to a wider audience, and the project really deserves a nation-wide coverage. The company is very well positioned to develop industrial tourism: INK shows commitment to environmental and industrial safety policies, provides career guidance for the young and promotes the brand of the region. It’s an example for other enterprises to follow


Natalya Kiselnikova

industrial tourism development methodologist with the Strategic Initiative Agency, mentor of the Irkutsk Region team of the federal accelerator program for industrial hospitality