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OOO Irkutsk Oil Company approved the architectural concept of a new microdistrict in Ust-Kut

August 5, 2021

OOO Irkutsk Oil Company approved the concept of a new microdistrict developed by architects from Irkutsk and St. Petersburg. The construction of a residential area with a developed infrastructure will provide comfortable living conditions for employees of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant.
ИНК утвердила архитектурную концепцию нового микрорайона в Усть-Куте

The general designer company will start engineering surveys in the near future. The project will be implemented in 4 stages of construction. The examination of the project design documentation is planned until March 2022, the completion of the construction of the first-phase houses is scheduled for 2024. The construction of a new residential area will allow specialists from the Irkutsk Polymer Plant to move to Ust-Kut with their families.

The new area of 25.7 hectares will be located on the right bank of the Lena River in the south of Ust-Kut. The main principles of planning were the formation of compact residential quarters with maximum preservation of green spaces as well as the allocation of social and household facilities for the convenience of residents.

The project provides for groups of residential buildings — about 30 block sections for 3 thousand people. There are also planned plots for the construction of a school for 520 pupils and two kindergartens for 280 pupils.

Recreation grounds, children's and sports grounds will be organised inside the courtyards. At the same time, the transport access (except for special services cars) into the courtyard will be limited — parking lots are provided throughout the territory.

Picnic areas with an extensive network of pedestrian paths will be arranged in the microdistrict. A boulevard, a mini ethnic village, a viewing platform with a panoramic view of the city and art objects are also planned for construction. Moreover, it is planned to mark a cross-country ski track on the adjacent territory.

‘Since the beginning of the project, the company's management has set high requirements for the quality of housing in the microdistrict. The results of the architectural competition gave a great impetus to the formation of the concept. A comfortable layout was developed for all the houses, designed for the needs and composition of the household, taking into account modern trends in the organisation of living spaces. There will be a minimum number of one-room apartments — less than 2 % of the permanent housing stock; the houses are designed for a family living format. An integrated approach to the territory development consists not only of the houses` group construction, but also of all social facilities construction as well as completely new engineering facilities for the city — modern treatment facilities, a boiler house, a substation and a water intake, the design of which is also financed by OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company”’, points out Igor Drachev, head of the project for the construction of residential and social infrastructure of the OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company”.

The Irkutsk Polymer Plant is part of a large gas chemical cluster, which is being implemented by OOO Irkutsk Oil Company. This is the first enterprise in Eastern Siberia for the production of polymers from ethane provided with its own raw materials. The production capacity of the plant amounts to 650 thousand tons of saleable product per year. The new plant will provide 1,500 job positions and will make a significant contribution to the infrastructural development of Ust-Kut and the north of the region.


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On October 20–22, OOO Irkutsk Oil Company would be holding a Scientific and Technical Conference Polymerisation reactor is installed at Irkutsk Polymer Plant