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Sergey Donskoy, a Member of the Board of Directors of Irkutsk Oil Company, is Elected as Chairman of Board at Assoneft

December 10, 2021

Sergey Donskoy, a member of the Board of Directors of Joint Stock Company ‘INK-Capital’ (the holding structure of Irkutsk Oil Company), has been elected Chairman of Board of Assoneft. The 24th annual general meeting of the authorized representatives of the companies of the Association of Independent Oil and Gas Production Organizations, “Assoneft,” was held on-line on December 8, 2021.
Член совета директоров ИНК Сергей Донской избран председателем совета «Ассонефти»

“Irkutsk Oil Company has been an active member of Assoneft since 2007, and remains the leader of the independent oil and gas production companies sector,” the press service of the Association noted.

Meeting participants also discussed the action plan for 2022. Sergey Donskoy and the General Director of the Association, Elena Korzun, proposed to identify problems that hinder the development of the independent oil and gas production companies sector, and to outline ways to solve them. It was also recommended to take into account the gradual transition of the global business community to a sustainable development strategy in accordance with the ESG concept.

Irkutsk Oil Company is one of the largest independent producers of hydrocarbons in Russia. The company was established in 2000 and is engaged in prospecting, exploration and development of 52 license blocks in Irkutsk region, Krasnoyarsk region and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Irkutsk Oil Company’s largest investment project is the gas chemical cluster, which the company is implementing in Ust-Kut. It includes gas production, treatment, transportation, and processing facilities, two helium plants, and Irkutsk Polymer Plant. The total number of employees of the company is more than 10 thousand people.


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