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Environmental professionals visited Irkutsk Polymer Plant in Ust-Kut

July 1, 2022

Chairperson of the Irkutsk branch of the All-Russian Society of Nature Conservation Vera Shlyonova, head of Environmental awareness promotion department of the Federal State Institution “Baikal Conservation Area” Svetlana Dobrynina, and chairperson of the Irkutsk region branch of the Russian Geographical Society, chief scientific officer of the Geography Institute of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Leonid Korytnyi came to see the Irkutsk Polymer Plant site (INK’s project).
Эксперты-экологи посетили Иркутский завод полимеров в Усть-Куте
The event was part of the environmental awareness raising initiative “Northern Route Expedition”. Environmentalist and volunteering leaders, as well as Ust-Kut district administration representatives, were among other participants.
The visitors were taken on an all-embracing tour of the major facilities in construction, learned about the polymer plant project and future production highlights. It was noted that construction of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant involves cutting-edge technologies in line with stringent international and national environmental requirements. At the operation stage, water, soil, and air quality will be monitored continuously. Another specific feature of the Plant is a closed water circulation cycle.
“They are addressing environmental safety from the very beginning of the project. Some other companies operating for decades do not have what is already in place at the Irkutsk Polymer Plant. But most importantly, environmental responsibility is incorporated in everything they do here. The project is well-conceived bearing the future in mind”, Vera Shlyonova said.
Leonid Korytnyi noted that construction of the polymer plant creates ample opportunities for the development of the town and district. “It is noteworthy that the plant was conceived from day one with due consideration given to all environmental aspects, including emissions and the closed water consumption cycle. All technologies are state-of-the-art and aligned with the sustainable development goals. This is what I saw for myself once again today”, professor said when sharing his impressions after the excursion.
As for Svetlana Dobrynina, she noted a high level of production process organization, “The process is now clear and does not cause concerns – unlike, for example, projects of other operators in Bratsk, Angarsk, Baikalsk, Selenginsk, where local communities were exposed to emissions. The Irkutsk Polymer Plant boasts advanced technologies.”
Another activity of the Northern Route Expedition was a panel discussion dedicated to environmental issues of relevance to Ust-Kut hosted by the administration of the Ust-Kut municipal district. INK’s deputy head of Industrial environmental monitoring department Tatyana Ivanova explained that the company has a Health, Safety, and Environmental Standard setting out mandatory requirements for all employees and contractors. INK is willing to share its experience with other organizations operating in the Ust-Kut municipal district
The environmental awareness raising initiative produced an action plan for environmental protection in Ust-Kut to be implemented through joint efforts of environmental professionals, local authorities, community activists, and businesses.
Public hearings on draft terms of reference for EIA of INK’s facilities in the Ichyodinsky field to be held in Ust-Kut Marina Sedykh: we are implementing our own methodology to achieve the sustainable development goals