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Evenk ethnographic park opened in Yerbogachyon with INK’s support

November 14, 2023

The ethnographic complex “Urikit” has opened in Yerbogachyon village, Irkutsk Region, with grant support from Irkutsk Oil Company (INK).
Эвенкийский этнокомплекс открылся в Ербогачене при поддержке ИНК
The enclosed open-air facility showcases two traditional Evenk reindeer skin tents – summer and winter versions, a house, a raised warehouse and outbuildings. The ethnographic complex is expected to become a venue for indigenous people’s celebrations, crafts workshops, cultural events and rites. 

The project is implemented by the Katangsky district nonprofit organization “The Evenk National Culture Center”. In 2022, the organization won INK’s grant in the contest “The District of My Dream” to build exhibits of the ethnographic complex. According to the authors of the project, “Urikit” created with the hands and knowledge of the indigenous culture representatives will become a place of cultural significance to the Evenk people and a heritage site in the Katangsky District and Yerbogachyon. 
The first event held in the ethnographic complex was dedicated to its inauguration. Guests had an opportunity to experience Evenk rites of purification by smoke and “fire feeding”, participated in cultural activities and tried Evenk cuisine highlights such as meat, fish and berries. 

Since INK launched its grant contests in 2019, the company has helped implement 38 various initiatives. The contests “The District of My Dream” and “The Energy of Native Land” are aimed at social support to communities and bringing to life ideas that help improve territories where INK operates and raising the living standards.

Irkutsk Oil Company (INK) is an independent Russian producer of raw hydrocarbons. The company incorporated in 2000 engages in geological study, exploration and development of 53 subsoil blocks in the Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk Region and Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). In Ust-Kut, INK is implementing a project consisting of raw hydrocarbons production, treatment, transportation and processing facilities, a helium plant and Irkutsk polymer plant. The INK Group now counts above 15 thousand employees.

INK signed a cooperation agreement with association of municipalities of Irkutsk Region INK first ranked among Corporate Philanthropy Leaders