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Science Days festival attracted more than 1,300 visitors in Irkutsk, Ust-Kut, and Zheleznogorsk

April 4, 2024

The festival activities were held in Irkutsk, Ust-Kut, and Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky, with more than 1,300 people attending. The main sponsor of the event is Irkutsk Oil Company (INK).
Фестиваль «Дни науки» посетили более 1300 человек в Иркутске, Усть-Куте и Железногорске

Activities organized in Irkutsk included physics and biomedicine lectures, while in Ust-Kut and Zheleznogorsk, visitors were offered talks and workshops.

The event organizers dedicated one of the lectures to urban improvement and the role of people in changing the urban environment. To address this topic, Sergey Kuznetsov, manager of the national project “Good Neighbors” was invited to speak at the festival.

Specialists from research and development institutes based in Irkutsk and Moscow talked with young adults in Ust-Kut on the prospects of chemistry, physics, and astrophysics in the region. Schoolchildren attended programming workshops and VR games, trying their hand at navigating 3D-space populated with objects displayed on the monitors and in VR-glasses. Physics and astronomy teachers were offered methodology upskilling sessions.

A highlight of the festival was the planetarium. Over the 6 days, it was visited by more than 600 people living in Ust-Kut and the district.

Previously, in 2023, the Science Days festival was held in Ust-Kut, Irkutsk, and Angarsk. That year, some 1,800 people attended educational lectures, open discussions, and guest speakers’ talks. Representatives of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant also participated as speakers, delivering talks on oil, polymers, and their role in our everyday lives. Some of the activities were centered around the topic of infrastructure development in Ust-Kut.

Irkutsk Oil Company (INK) is an independent Russian producer of raw hydrocarbons. The company incorporated in 2000 engages in geological study, exploration and development of 53 subsoil blocks in the Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk Region and Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). In Ust-Kut, INK is implementing a project consisting of raw hydrocarbons production, treatment, transportation and processing facilities, a helium plant and Irkutsk Polymer Plant. The INK Group now counts around 17 thousand employees.

Ivano-Matryoninskaya Hospital doctors examined 147 children in Nizhneilimsky district with support of Marina Sedykh fund Utair airlines completed first flight from Irkutsk to Ust-Kut under agreements with Irkutsk Region Government and INK