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GlavGosExpertiza approved Irkutsk Oil Company’s project for the construction of oil and gas pipeline at the Ichyodinsky field

September 2, 2021

The state agency, GlavGosExpertiza, reviewed the project documentation and results of the engineering surveys for construction of oil and gas intra-field pipeline at the Ichyodinsky field in the Irkutsk Region. As a result, the project of Irkutsk Oil Company was approved.
Главгосэкспертиза одобрила проект ИНК по строительству нефтегазопровода на Ичединском месторождении

The oil and gas intra-field pipeline will transport hydrocarbon liquids to the oil treatment facility at the Ichyodinsky field. The pipeline will have a diameter of 159 mm and throughput capacity of 504 cubic meters of liquids per day. The operating pressure of the oil and gas pipeline will be 4 MPa.

The 624 meter long route will run from the measuring unit at drilling pad #20 of Ichyodinsky field to the Verkhnetirsky field junction. Then, the oil-gas-water mixture will be transported through the oil-gas gathering system to the oil treatment facility at the Ichyodinsky field. The project was designed by NefteStroyProject (Russia).

The Ichyodinsky field was discovered in 2012 within the boundaries of the West Yaraktinsky subsoil license area in the Kirensky district of Irkutsk Region. Irkutsk Oil Company holds the license for exploration and production at this field. The development of the field’s reserves using the latest technology is being carried out within the framework of the joint Russian-Japanese venture “INK-Zapad.” The oil produced is delivered to the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) trunk pipeline.

Earlier GlavGosExpertiza of Russia also approved the construction project of pipelines and the accompanying engineering infrastructure for the transportation of products of natural and associated petroleum gas from the Yaraktinsky and Markovsky fields. The work is carried out as part of the creation of a gas-chemical cluster, which is being implemented by Irkutsk Oil Company in the Ust-Kut district.


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