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Irkutsk Oil Company Group successfully passes audit of its integrated management systems

August 18, 2021

In August, INK Group successfully passed another audit of its integrated management systems (IMS). INK subsidiaries, including INK-SERVICE, ToT, and INK-Zapad, were also audited.
Группа компаний ИНК успешно прошла аудит интегрированной системы менеджмента

According to Larisa Ivanova, head of auditing at DQS Holding GmbH, INK’s activities comply with the international standards of ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management) and ISO 45001:2018 (occupational health and safety management). “The company is among the leaders in IMS development. We are in a position to compare these since we work quite actively in this area with other large companies,” said Ivanova.

In regards to the environmental standards, the auditors noted: the company’s proprietary technology for the disposal of drilling cuttings, a special unit for waste management, research methods to determine the level of environmental culture, and detailed questionnaires to assess compliance with legal requirements.

In the field of occupational safety, INK Group integrated the international concept of “Vision Zero” to prevent occupational injuries, adjusted contracts with vendors according to the degree of risk taken during operations, and used online platforms for safety trainings.

Evgeniy Milov, Managing Director for Legal Affairs and Regional Policy and a member of the Executive Board, thanked DQS representatives for conducting the high-quality audit and providing recommendations. The next INK Group’s audit is scheduled for August 2022.

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