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Igor Kobzev: Irkutsk Polymer Plant Will Boost the Development of Ust-Kut District

August 29, 2021

A delegation of the government of the Irkutsk Region, headed by the Governor, Mr. Igor Kobzev, visited the construction site of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant in Ust-Kut. The group included Mr. Yakov Ginzburg, General Director of Irkutsk Oil Company, Russian Senator Mr. Andrey Chernyshev, State Duma deputy Mr. Alexander Yakubovsky, and representatives of regional authorities.
Игорь Кобзев: Иркутский завод полимеров даст новый вектор развитию Усть-Кутского района

Irkutsk Polymer Plant’s Construction Project Manager Mr. Sergey Bobr reported that the project progress is 37 % completed; this includes the design, delivery of materials and equipment, and construction. Currently, the installation of large-capacity equipment (LCE) is nearing completion at the site. A 500-ton Purge Bin and the last of the units needed are scheduled for installation in September. The total construction area is more than 200 hectares. Commissioning is scheduled for 2024.

Igor Kobzev noted that the environmental and operational safety in Ust-Kut district are very important. Yakov Ginzburg, General Director of Irkutsk Oil Company, assured that the new plant will be absolutely safe and will meet the highest environmental and ecological requirements. “We have worked with international companies to discuss and walk-through all possible options to minimize the risks. At Irkutsk Oil Company, environmental issues are always importance priority” emphasized Mr. Ginzburg.

Igor Kobzev noted that priority in employment should be given to local residents, including young specialists. “We welcome the incredible youth from our local educational institutions,” said the governor.

“We conduct systematic job to attract local residents to work at the Irkutsk Oil Company’s facilities in Ust-Kut. The company is launching its own training and re-training programs for local specialists and the youth of the city of Ust-Kut and Ust-Kut district,” said Yakov Ginzburg. “The company is also implementing the School-University-Employment program. In Ust-Kut, since 2018, this professional educational program is known as Irkutsk Oil Company’s “class”.

“For the government of the Irkutsk Region it is a socially significant facility. The implementation of the project will give a noticeable boost to the development of Ust-Kut and the Ust-Kut district as a whole. Not only will this project create new jobs, but also the building of roads and infrastructure. The specialists which Irkutsk Oil Company is looking for can be trained at the Ust-Kut technical schools,” summarized the governor.

The head of the region also inspected the liquefied gas reception terminal, storage, and shipping complex from where the products are shipped to customers. During the meeting they also discussed the future construction of a new residential district in Ust-Kut. The company prepared the architectural concept in the spring of 2022 and it is scheduled to pass examination for the design documentation in order to start construction of the first phase in 2024. Three thousand people — employees of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant with their families — will be living in this new district.



The construction of the polymer plant is performed by Irkutsk Oil Company in Ust-Kut as part of developing of gas-chemical cluster comprising of gas production, treatment, transportation, and processing facilities. Toyo Engineering, a Japanese engineering company, is involved in the construction of the plant and is responsible for the design and supply of equipment/materials. Gemont (Turkey) is the general contractor for the construction of the polyethylene and ethylene units. The producing capacity of the plant will be 650 thousand tons of commercial grade polyethylene per year. Engineers and workers from all over Russia, as well as from Japan, Turkey, France, Holland, and the United States work on the construction site.

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