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Over 850 thousand roubles raised for children at concerts organized by Fund of Marina Sedykh

February 15, 2024

Charitable concerts were held in Ust-Kut and Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Fund of Marina Sedykh raising over 850 thousand roubles. The funds will be used to provide support to children with disabilities.
ИНК и Благотворительный фонд Марины Седых оказали помощь пострадавшим от пожара в Усть-Куте

Guests were welcome to donate. The Fund itself, INK employees and local residents all made considerable contributions.  

The funds raised will be used to provide support to children with disabilities in the Ust-Kutsky and Nizhneilimsky districts. Special equipment and medication will be procured such as wheelchairs, desks and chairs, and educating toys. In addition, sponsorship will be provided to children and accompanying adults to travel to medical centers and back home.

The charity fund was established in February 2014. Since then, it has implemented projects of a total value of 200 mln RUB, helping more than 8,000 people.

“We established the Fund because there was a pressing need to solve urgent issues that just could not be solved otherwise. There were people who found themselves in really difficult circumstances – fires, illnesses. The Fund was created to address such cases. Later on, standing on its own feet, the Fund launched its own programs. And it is the communities of the Nizhneilimsky and Ust-Kutsky districts who make our work so dynamic and eventful,” said the founder of the Fund, General Director of JSC INK-Capital Ms. Sedykh.    

The Fund executes charity programs in the field of medicine and healthcare, education, sports, social support to communities and environmental protection in the areas where INK operates. The purpose of the Fund is to provide help to children with disabilities, community associations and healthcare institutions, children’s sports, war and labor veterans, the older generation, underprivileged and multi-child families.

To support young talents, the Fund organizes artistic events for children and youth organizations, and sponsors their travel to competitions and festivals. Every year, hundreds of people receive support under the programs “Children’s Day”, “School Bag”, “Happy New Year!”, “Victory Day”, “Children’s Health”. More than 1,000 volunteers assist the Fund in its activities.  

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