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INK-Capital signed trilateral agreement for bone marrow donorship promotion

May 29, 2024

INK-Capital signed a trilateral agreement for promotion of bone marrow donorship in the Irkutsk Region with effect until end of 2025.
«ИНК-Капитал» подписала трехстороннее соглашение по развитию донорства костного мозга

INK-Capital signed a trilateral agreement for promotion of bone marrow donorship in the Irkutsk Region with effect until end of 2025.

The other two parties to the agreement are the Kirovsky Hematology and Transfusion Research Institute of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency and the Irkutsk Regional Transfusion Center. INK-Capital will support events aimed at promotion and recruitment of donors of bone marrow and hematopoietic stem cells, as well as those raising awareness among residents of the Irkutsk Region.

Following the execution of the agreement, a meeting of a bone marrow donor with the recipient was organized – a first in the Irkutsk Region. It is Ilya Kovalyov, employee of Irkutsk Oil Company (INK) who became the donor for Evgeny Chernichkin from Ryazan. Ilya Kovalyov joined the federal register of bone marrow and hematopoietic stem cells donors over 10 years ago. At the end of 2021, he donated his bone marrow cells that were sent to St Petersburg for transplantation.

“I strongly believe that there is nothing more important than human life,” said Marina Sedykh, JSC INK-Capital General Director, at the signing ceremony. “Our company pays special attention to industrial safety and health. One thing I keep saying to our infield teams is that they should take good care of themselves, because their families are waiting for them to safely come back home. We are actively developing corporate donorship: our employees regularly donate blood during on-the-job donation sessions. Of course, the Company encourages its employees to become donors, but it’s up to every individual to make the decision. I am proud of all our colleagues who regularly donate blood and save lives, and I am grateful for this!”

The federal register of bone marrow donors was created on September 1, 2022. It is a confidential electronic base containing genetic codes of potential donors. The register currently lists over 340 thousand people, 20 thousand of whom live in the Irkutsk Region. 322 INK employees are on the register, with 84 people joining in 2024. Four employees have become actual donors.

Starting from 2017, the company organizes blood donation events on a regular basis, for which the Irkutsk Transfusion Center specialists come to INK’s office to collect the donated material. The INK’s Donor Days used to be held twice per year; in 2023 three donation sessions were organized, and since 2024 they will become a quarterly event.

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