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INK-Capital completed field biodiversity study in two subsoil blocks

November 22, 2023

JSC INK-Capital has completed its biodiversity study in the Yaraktinsky and Zapadno-Yaraktinksy blocks.
«ИНК-Капитал» завершил полевые исследования биоразнообразия на двух участках недр

During the field works ornithologists, zoologists, plant biologists and ecologists identified animal, bird and plant species inhabiting the studied areas. The researchers recorded their field itineraries using GPS, photographed animals and birds with trap cameras, thermal imaging cameras and drones.

The research team found and confirmed the presence of 26 mammal and 76 bird species along the itineraries. In the forest, the scientists sighted hares, bears, red deer, elks, foxes and Siberian chipmunks. The subsoil blocks selected for the research are also inhabited by wood grouses, sandpipers, eastern turtledoves and other bird species, including diving ducks and two broods of common pochards, a couple of  tufted ducks at Yarakta lake and goldeneyes.

Taking into account literature data, the scientists suppose that around 20 more mammal and 35 bird species are present in the studied areas.

The following localities within the subsoil blocks have been deemed as sites of biodiversity significance: undisturbed forests, dark coniferous valley forests and alluvial ecosystems in the valleys of rivers Nepa, Ayan, Chalbaman, Gulmok, marsh ecosystems and swamps in the watershed areas. In these sites, it is planned to study and assess, by indicator species, changes in the population structure and abundance dynamics, to identify habitats, breeding grounds, migration routes and animals presence status.

The company started the assessment of the impact of its operations on the composition and change of the flora and fauna in the selected license blocks in 2022. The acquired data will be used as the input to a biodiversity conservation program to be implemented in the areas where INK has operation sites. The document will help ensure consistency and efficiency of the conservation efforts.  

Ust-Kutsky municipality administration, INK and Vostokgosplan agreed to draft master plan for Ust-Kutsky district Marina Sedykh: To develop new production sectors, state support needed in modernization of Ust-Kut airport and Viluy federal road