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INK Sponsors the Siberian Youth Boxing Championship

February 16, 2016

INK took the onus of sponsoring the Siberian Youth Boxing Championship, a tournament for aspiring boxers between the ages of 15-16. On February 14th, in sports hall “Trud”, the Championship concluded with the decisive victory of the Irkutsk regional team, which boasted a victory of 4 gold medal, one silver medal, and three bronze medals.
ИНК выступила спонсором первенства Сибирского федерального округа по боксу среди юношей

The Novosibirsk regional team claimed second place, accomplished with two gold medals, three silver medals, and three bronze medals. Third place was achieved by the Krasnoyarsk regional team, coming in with one gold medal, four silver medals, and three bronze medals in their accomplishments. A total of 181 participants, coming from the 12 Siberian regions, competed in this popular championship.

The President of Federal Boxing Association, Andrei Pomlyakov, extended his gratitude toward INK for supporting the event and did so in person before the CEO Marina Sedykh. “The Irkutsk regional team did a fine job, with two teams encapsulating 26 boxers. The winning team earned four tickets to the National Youth Boxing Championship, which is to take place this spring” noted Mr. Pomlyakov.
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