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INK Received the Status of BIM Leader-2022

March 31, 2022

Irkutsk Oil Company has confirmed its status as a BIM leader according to Autodesk. This is the third time INK has received the prestigious award.
ИНК получила статус «BIM-лидер – 2022»

The BIM leader status is awarded to companies that demonstrate outstanding performance using information modeling (BIM) technology.

In 2021, INK began to independently update and maintain the information models of the production phase, including laser scanning, as well as develop competencies in BIM engineering.

The company is taking practical steps in the digitalization of production and construction activities. INK uses simulation software, and opportunities are emerging to support design, construction, and production based on information models.

BIM (Building Information Model) is an information model of infrastructure objects: buildings, utility networks, roads, railroads, bridges, ports, tunnels and other structures. BIM provides a common knowledge resource for facility information that serves as a reliable basis for decision-making during its life cycle, which is defined as existing from the earliest concept to demolition.


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