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INK helps forest-fire fighting teams

August 25, 2015

Once again, Irkutsk Oil Company proves its unwavering commitment to the community and environment of the Irkutsk region. When fires began to rage over the forests of the Olkhonsky, Kachugsky, and Bayandaysky districts, the forest destruction was greatly minimized by Irkutsk Oil Company’s prompt donation of over 500,000 rubles to the regional forest-fire fighting team.
ИНК помогает в тушении лесных пожаров
This magnanimous contribution urgently applied to the material-technical support of the intrepid firemen, sponsoring them equipment and subsidizing their valiant efforts. With INK’s material help, the 30 forest fires that burn the forests are rapidly quelling.

 In addition, INK is physically assisting the fight against the forest fires. Ever since the red alert concerning the Irkutsk forests (that was proclaimed on June 23rd, 2015), the forest fire equipment found at every Irkutsk infrastructure, as well as the INK fire teams, began to contribute their efforts to the battle against the forest fires. In total, including both regional fighters and INK workers, over 13,600 people and 1,600 pieces of anti-fire machinery are fighting the forest infernos. Soon, the fight will be over.
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