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Irkutsk Oil Company started gas injection at Danilovsky field

February 10, 2017

Associated gas re-injecting into formation was initiated at Danilovsky gas condensate field on February 3 when compressor unit K-2.1 at booster pumper station of Ariel JGK/4-4 Waukesha L7044GSI started operating in the testing mode.
ИНК приступила к закачке попутного газа в пласт на Даниловском месторождении

Once the test trials show successful results, the compressor unit will be put into full operation. Gas re-injection will allow the utilization of up to 60% of the total gas solution produced at the Danilovsky field. The rest of the gas solution is consumed for power and heat generation for internal industrial use at the field and heating base camps for workers. Gas re-injection will not only allow reduction of gas flaring, but also maintain reservoir pressure.  

Danilovsky field is situated at Katangsky district of Irkutsk region. It was discovered in 1977 and today is owned and operated by Irkutsk Oil Company.

Nikolay Buynov spoke at the plenary of the international oil and gas conference CERAWeek Memorandum of Understanding signed between JOGMEC and INK