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INK’s High Ranking Among Top 500 Russian Companies

September 24, 2015

The most prominent Russian business news agency, RosBusinessConsulting (RBC), published a list of the Top 500 largest companies in Russia, the ranking determined by the total revenue and profit.
ИНК вошла в число крупнейших компаний России

The Irkutsk Oil Company was ranked 105th in the rating with a revenue of RUB 90 billion. According to RosBusinessConsulting, INK’s net income showcased 23 billion rubles in 2014, which ranked the company 23rd on the list, and 35th in EBITDA with 31 billion rubles. The Irkutsk Oil Company was the only large company from the Irkutsk region in the list.  

It’s also fair to note that RBC named Irkutsk Oil “the largest independent oil producer in Russia, excluding vertically integrated companies”.

In total, the revenues of the largest Russian oil and gas companies amounted to 19.8 trillion rubles (35.3% of the revenues of all participants in the rating) while the net income surmounted to 1.98 trillion rubles (97.7% of total net income of the largest corporations in Russia). Altogether, Top 500 list included 394 private companies, 87 state-owned companies, and 19 joint ventures. 

Irkutsk Oil's 2015's Three Quarters are 40% higher than the same quarters in 2014 INK has sharply increased the capacity of its pipelines connected to the ESPO