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OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” launches first solar-powered well

April 6, 2021

OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” has unveiled the first solar-powered well. A linear telemechanics system, powered by renewable energy sources — solar batteries — was installed at one of the cluster pads of the Yaraktinskoe oil and gas condensate field. There are ten units.
ИНК запустила первую скважину, которой можно управлять с помощью солнечной энергии

The units, which are part of a module, consume minimal energy from solar panels and do not require heating. The system can operate at temperatures of up to minus 60 degrees. All cluster pad equipment is installed in recessed mounting modules, which maintain a temperature of +/-5 degrees at any time of the year. Excess energy produced is recycled in ballast cabinets.

The system is controlled automatically — an operator at a remote location sets the required parameters and also remotely controls them. It can regulate the gas flow rate with shut-off and control valves in continuously changing wellhead conditions, monitor the temperature and pressure of the well and the collection header of the well pad, the hydrate inhibitor delivery system, etc. The system’s control algorithm also performs accident-prevention functions in case of an emergency.

The system is manufactured by the Russian company Vympel (Saratov). This company special engineering solutions for automating processes at oil and gas fields in remote areas in the Far North, where there are no power lines and roads to allow system maintenance.

“The use of such automated systems and process equipment allows not only to carry out the required production tasks but also perform them with minimal capital construction costs, primarily because there is no need to build power lines. Highly reliable equipment in the module enables its operation with minimal intervention of operating personnel and minimises equipment maintenance and repair throughout the service life. This approach perfectly fits into the “limited manpower production” concept implemented at OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company”,” says Maksim Vasyuta, Deputy Head of the Production Automation Department at OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company”.

The telemechanics systems project is part of the second stage of OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” gas program. The company intends to install the new systems at 14 cluster pads of gas wells at the Yaraktinskoe, Markovskoe, and Tokminskoe oil and gas condensate fields and the Ayansky (Western) license block. Sites with constant power supply will also be equipped with modular well equipment.

The introduction of innovative automation solutions will enable the company to improve staff performance and increase the recovery of raw hydrocarbons.

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