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Irkutsk Oil Company launches third Bentec HR-5000 drilling rig at the West Ayansky field

September 7, 2021

Irkutsk Oil Company has put into operation the third automated fixed-echelon Bentec HR 5000 drilling rig facility. The rig will be firstly utilized at the West-Ayansky licensed block. After three days of pre-commissioning, the equipment is operating in normal mode.
ИНК запустила третью буровую установку Bentec HR-5000 на Западно-Аянском месторождении

The unit was commissioned at drilling pad #81 of the West-Ayansky licensed block. “The drilling rig has successfully passed the commissioning stage, and now we have started drilling. The well is currently drilled 1,421 meters deep. The work is going on as planned,” noted Mr. Konstantin Petrukhin, Deputy CEO for Drilling at Irkutsk Oil Company. The drilling rig is launched and operated by an INK-Service team which has extensive experience working on the company’s fields. The employees were also trained at the training centers organized by INK-Service together with Irkutsk National Research Technical University.

Earlier, in April and June of 2021, two Bentec HR-5000 rigs were utilized at the Bolshetirsky field. The rig was custom-designed for the climate of Eastern Siberia. Four more rigs will be delivered in the first half of 2022.


INK-Service (a fully owned subsidiary of Irkutsk Oil Company Group) signed a contract with   Bentec (the Russian subsidiary of German Bentec GmbH) for the supply of seven fixed-echelon drilling rigs in 2019. Bentec is one of the world's leading manufacturers of drilling rigs and oilfield equipment with over 125 years of history and vast experience in the drilling industry. The equipment is manufactured at Bentec’s plant in Tyumen. The new Bentec drilling rigs are distinguished by a high degree of automation of drilling processes. This improves the safety of operations, streamlines costs, saves time, and improves the quality of well construction. The Industrial Development Fund provided part of the funds for the purchase of three rigs.


Irkutsk Oil Company and the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation signed an agreement on cooperation on sustainable development GlavGosExpertiza approved Irkutsk Oil Company’s project for the construction of oil and gas pipeline at the Ichyodinsky field