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Reserves of Verkhnetirsky Field are approved

June 21, 2017

The State Committee for Reserves (aka ‘Rosnedra’) approved the initial oil and associated gas reserves of the Verkhnetirsky field on May 19, 2017. 
ИНК защитила запасы Верхнетирского месторождения

The Verkhnetirsky field is located within the Verkhnetirsky license block. The block is located in the northern part of the Ust’-Kut district, Irkutsk region. The license for the Verkhnetirsky block was received in January 2015.

Prior to booking reserves, the company thoroughly investigated the block. After analyzing different types of data; including log data re-interpretation, seismic, and exploration of the block, the geophysical analysis led to a better understanding of the geology of the new field. As a result, the first drilled oil well yielded in oil flow.

After reporting the reserve information and data to the federal government, the company plans to consider the project development of the Verkhnetirsky field, and submitting the development plan for approval in Rosnedra.

Irkutsk Oil Company, LLC (INK) was established on November 27, 2000. INK holds a group of companies conducting geological study, exploration and production of hydrocarbons in 25 license blocks in Eastern Siberia. 

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