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Irkutsk Oil Company has supplied a total of 50 million tons of crude oil to the ESPO trunk pipeline

January 11, 2020

On January 7, 50 million tons of oil from the fields of the INK group were pumped to East Siberia — Pacific Ocean (ESPO) trunk pipeline of PJSC Transneft.
Иркутская нефтяная компания поставила 50 миллионов тонн нефти в магистральный трубопровод ВСТО

INK started supplying oil to ESPO on January 18, 2011. In the first year, INK delivered 1.2 million tons of crude oil, and with the growing demand and increased production, the volume of the supply has reached nine million tons in 2018. The same amount of production was maintained in 2019 (due to OPEC + agreement to cut oil production).

Crude oil and condensate from the INK fields are delivered to the oil processing units located at the Yaraktinsky and Ichyodinsky fields through a network of intra field pipelines. Then, the processed oil is transported to the Markovsky transfer and acceptance point (TAP), a connection point to the ESPO oil pump station (PS-7). The tank farm in the Markovsky TAP has a designed capacity to hold 95 thousand cubic meters of oil, which fully conforms to the normative requirements of PJSC Transneft.


Irkutsk Oil Company, LLC was established in 2000, INK is engaged in geological study, exploration, and production in Eastern Siberia, Russia. Since the founding, INK has allocated more than 300 billion rubles for the development of oil fields and licensed subsoil areas, construction, engineering, and transportation infrastructure.

INK and its subsidiaries are registered entities and they pay taxes in the Irkutsk region; INK is the region’s largest taxpayer. INK employs around 10 thousand people.

Community of Ust-Kut district approved construction of Irkutsk Polymer Plant Irkutsk Neonatal Surgery Center received State-of-the-Art Equipment Donated by INK