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OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” Built a Berth to Accept the Polymer Plant Equipment

August 21, 2020

OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” built a special berth on the River of Lena to accept the equipment of Irkutsk Polymer Plant (IPP) in Ust-Kut.
Иркутская нефтяная компания построила причал для приема оборудования завода полимеров

The berth is 113 meters and, taking the approach tracks into account, 310 meters long. To unload large-sized equipment, the installation of two crawler-based cranes of 750 t capacity each is close to completion.

The construction of a berth started in September of the past year.

The equipment designed for Irkutsk Polymer Plant was manufactured by the global mechanical engineering leaders in Japan, Korea, and China. The equipment was loaded onto two reinforced ice-class vessels at the South Korean seaport of Masan, from where they left to Russia on June 30. During three weeks, the vessels covered a distance of 8.5 thousand km along the Northern Sea Route to Russian Tiksi, where the equipment was reloaded in the high seas onto nine river barges for transportation on the River of Lena. The river fleet carrying the cargo designed for the polymer plant sailed 3.6 thousand km more up the River of Lena in August.

The first equipment arrival at Ust-Kut is expected as soon as late in this week. Transshipment of 4.5 thousand tons of cargo is expected to be carried out during a month. Unloading of the equipment will involve about 40 persons and 52 self-propelled modular multi-wheel SPMT-carts. By means of the carts, the equipment will be delivered to the prepared storage areas at the polymer plant construction site.

Background Information

The largest size and weight equipment of the transported units will be a deethanizer (ethylene column) that is 81.9 m long and weighing 357 t, a scavenging product bin that is 53.5 m long and weighing about 500 t, a polymerization reactor that is 44.5 m and weighing 597 t.

The construction of Irkutsk Polymer Plant is carried out by OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” under the staged implementation of a wide-scale gas project including the development of a natural and associated petroleum gas production, treatment, transportation, and processing system at their own fields. The producing capacity of the plant will be 650 thousand tons of saleable product per year. Polymers are used in automobile and aircraft manufacturing, space industry, medicine, consumer goods industry. The Irkutsk Polymer Plant will be similar to the modern plants across the world. 1,500 New Jobs will be created.

The feed for the polymer plant will be natural and associated petroleum gas produced at the fields of the OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” group of companies in Ust-Kut and other northern districts of the region. The latest and highly efficient technologies that meet strict international environmental requirements are planned to be used for the plant construction. Toyo Engineering Corporation, a Japanese engineering company, has been involved to implement the project.

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