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INK acquires Verkhnenepsky (Northern) block at the state-run auction

December 18, 2015

The Irkutsk Oil Company won the auction for the right of geological studies and resource exploitation on Verkhnenepsky (Northern) block located in the Irkutsk region. The auction took place on December 18, 2015, in the Department of Geology and Licensing in the Irkutsk region.
Иркутская нефтяная компания приобрела Верхненепский (Северный) участок в Иркутской области

The newly acquired block, situated in the Katangsky and Ust-Ilimsky territories, lies adjacent to many current INK operations. Spanning 2150.9 square kilometers, the block is thought to possess 9.4 million tons in the D1 category and 4.9 million tons in the D2 category. In terms of gas, D1 boasts 27.4 billion cubic meters and D2 presents 5.6 billion cubic meters. The acquisition of the block fits INK’s strategy of growing resource base, with the new addition bringing the benefits. 

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