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Commissioning operations have started at the Ust-Kut Gas Processing Plant

July 29, 2021

Irkutsk Oil Company begins commissioning operations at the Ust-Kut gas processing plant (GPP).
Иркутская нефтяная компания приступила к пусконаладочным работам на Усть-Кутском ГПЗ

INK conducted a 72-hour test of individual power plant systems, examining indoor switchgears and package transformer substations that supply power to the entire GPP site. This was followed by the activation and adjustment of the compressor equipment of the nitrogen and air distribution units.

Specialists recently installed an automated process control system. Next steps include setting up the future workstations, for operating personnel, in the control room building.

Earlier, the plant received flaring equipment (two shafts that are 65 metres high and 0.8 metres in diameter) for the gas-fractionation unit. In addition, three gas condensate tanks were pressure tested at the construction site of the Ust-Kut Gas Processing Plant. The specialists also installed service platforms and a water demineralisation unit, which will be used in the propane product treatment.

The Ust-Kut Gas Processing Plant is part of the INK’s gas chemical cluster and includes a gas-fractionation unit and a complex for collecting, storing and shipping liquefied petroleum gases. It will separate light hydrocarbons to produce technical propane, butane and stable gas condensate, and separate ethane, which will be used as a feedstock for the Irkutsk Polymer Plant.

Polymerisation reactor is installed at Irkutsk Polymer Plant Student brigades participate in the construction of the OOO “Irkutsk Polymer Plant”