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OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” to allocate 80 million rubles for social projects in Irkutsk Region in 2021

April 22, 2021

OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” and the administration of Irkutsk Region have signed a socio-economic partnership agreement for 2021. The social aid to various areas of the region will be worth 80 million rubles combined.
Иркутская нефтяная компания в 2021 году направит 80 млн руб. на социальные проекты Иркутской области
The company’s key projects will be implemented in three municipal districts — Ust-Kutsky, Katangsky and Kirensky. In particular, over 32 million rubles will be spent in the Ust-Kutsky district, where the company is implementing major projects. The company will fund repairs, purchase of furniture and equipment for social facilities (schools, nursery schools, hospitals, community centres), provide assistance to veterans, national cultural organisations, communities of the indigenous minorities of the north, and sports associations.

“Expansion is one of the company’s priorities. Supporting social projects is our tradition,” said OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” Deputy CEO Evgeny Milov.

“OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” is a good example for the entire business community. The company is not only making a significant contribution to the consolidated budget but also is also actively involved in supporting the social sector, culture, educational and environmental programs in the Angara Region,” said Yana Sobol, Minister of Economic Development of Irkutsk Region.

OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” traditionally supports major cultural events: the international classical music festival “Stars on Baikal”, poetry and book festival “Poetry on Baikal”, cultural events “Northern Landing Force”, “Total Dictation”, “Ch-Day” and several other educational projects.

The full list of social events implemented in the Irkutsk Region is posted on website of OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” in the HSE section.
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