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Irkutsk Polymer Plant has inventoried greenhouse gas emissions in 2021

March 29, 2022

In line with the best practices for oil and gas projects, Irkutsk Polymer Plant has quantified GHG emissions for the construction stage including the activities of all construction contractors. The bulk of GHG emissions were due to energy consumption in power and heat supply to production and associated facilities, specifically, in diesel and petrol combustion at diesel power stations, in heat generators, combustion engines in passenger and utility vehicles, and consumption of electricity supplied externally via the grids of the Irkutsk Region.
Иркутский завод полимеров провел инвентаризацию выбросов парниковых газов за 2021 год

In 2021, contractor companies consumed 9.2 thousand t of diesel and 2.5 thousand t of petrol on the construction site, and electric power consumption totaled 12,582.5 MWh. Total gross GHG emissions in 2021 roughly amounted to 36 thousand t of СО2 equivalent.

Contractor companies working on the construction site of Irkutsk Polymer Plant were encouraged to reinforce their efforts to reduce fuel overconsumption in engines, to timely inspect and perform scheduled and preventive repairs of fuel equipment, and to comply with the requirements of the construction management plan. As the next step, key performance indicators will be introduced to keep track of emissions by individual contractors, and specific engineering and administrative solutions will be implemented to reduce energy consumption.

The necessity of inventorying and quantifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions not only offers new challenges to companies in terms of compliance with new environmental requirements, but also leads them to rethink their business approaches. In accordance with Federal Law No. 296 dated July 2, 2021 “On Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions”, companies are required to keep account of GHG emissions and to implement environmental projects later on (on a voluntary basis).

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