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Irkutsk Oil Company Sponsors the Women’s World Bandy Competition

December 15, 2016

The women’s bandy competition (for women under the age of 17) will be held in 2017 through February 22-26th in Irkutsk and Shelekhov. The Irkutsk Oil Company contributed five million rubles to the competition this year. The company has sponsored the same bandy competition three years ago, but it was for men.
Компания выступит спонсором первенства мира по хоккею с мячом среди девушек

Bandy- one of the most popular as well as enjoyed winter sports within the Irkutsk region. Teams from China, Sweden, Russia, Norway, and Finland are participating in this year’s bandy competition. The games take place in the Trud and Zenit stadiums located in Irkutsk, and the Stroitel stadium in Shelekhov. The Trud stadium will be remodeled for the games through the financial help of the Irkutsk government, Irkutsk Oil Company, and other organizations. Changes will include free entry to the public, a new scoreboard, and much more.

Vladimir Matienko - head of the bandy board states that the success of the women’s bandy competition could help give Irkutsk the opportunity to host the next men’s world bandy competition in 2019.

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