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Marina Sedykh: we are implementing our own methodology to achieve the sustainable development goals

June 16, 2022

JSC INK-Capital General Director Marina Sedykh appeared at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2022) as an expert in the Sustainable Development section. The head of the company shared INK’s experience in working towards SDGs at the session titled Sustainability Transformation: Global Challenges vs Global Problems.
Марина Седых: мы внедряем свою методику достижения целей устойчивого развития
The session focused on sustainable development transformation in the new economic context. As mentioned by Ms. Sedykh, INK is identifying its sustainable development goals and implementing its own methodology of managing the progress, “I am referring to developing the climate strategy that targets, as its primary objectives, re-injection of the entire volume of associated petroleum gas produced in our fields, a biodiversity preservation program, and refining the process safety system.” According to JSC INK-Capital General Director, in 2009 INK became the first company in Russia to apply the cycling process meaning injection of associated petroleum gas (APG) back into formation. This helped to reduce gas flaring. In 2022, five more compressors are expected to come online to inject APG in the company’s major fields (commissioning of three installations is in progress, the other two will be started in autumn 2022). The expected result is increasing APG injection volume to 11.7 bln m³/y, which will allow eliminating unproductive APG flaring. It should be highlighted that gas will be injected into oil reservoirs, thus enhancing oil recovery. The project is in line with the global initiative to completely discontinue routine APG flaring by 2030. The biodiversity preservation program being developed by the company to be rolled out in its operation regions provides for selection of indicator species to monitor the biodiversity status, and conducting research sub-programs, which are aimed, among other things, at developing of a natural architecture in the areas for ecosystems to be preserved in a sustainable way. Process Safety Management (PSM) is one of INK’s other projects linked to sustainable development agenda. It will allow building a system where all elements are based on continual assessment and management of production risks. The system targets significant reduction of major accidents probability, operations planning with account taken of all risks, timely development and implementation of risk mitigation actions. Deployment of the PSM involves upscaling of automation control systems, equipment troubleshooting and monitoring (“smart video surveillance” system), applying the Internet of things, and designing digital twins. In order to organize and efficiently instill the sustainable development principles, the integrated management system (ISM) deployed in the Group since 2011 will be streamlined and augmented. The existing environmental management system will incorporate the climate strategy and biodiversity preservation program, and the occupational health and safety management system will extend to process safety. The IMS enables identification of goals and development of relevant progress indicators, while further connecting the indicators with the KPI systems of each Group member, as noted by JSC INK-Capital General Director. “If, as a responsible company, we do all we can to minimize our environmental impact, and other companies in our region and neighboring ones follow suit, each in their own area, we will deliver a considerable contribution to achieving the net zero goal”, Ms. Sedykh said.
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