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Marina Sedykh: Environment is the Company’s focus point when implementing new projects

March 24, 2023

JSC INK-Capital General Director Ms. Sedykh took part in the 6th international youth applied research forum “The Oil Capital” held in Nizhnevartovsk (Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous district).
Марина Седых: При реализации новых проектов компания уделяет пристальное внимание вопросам экологии

Marina Sedykh appeared as a speaker on the plenary talk “Vision of the future: forecast and opportunities for the fuels and energy sector” centered around problems and challenges faced by the oil and gas industry in today’s geopolitical conditions. The main topics were the nearest-term development of the global hydrocarbons market, Russia’s share in the global oil and gas export, and relevance of climate agenda to oil and gas companies.

Vladimir Yakushev, Plenipotentiary in the Ural federal district, noted in his welcome address that the oil industry is the largest investor creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in associated sectors, and its sustained operations are key to Russia’s social and economic stability.

Speaking of prospects and opportunities for the fuels and energy sector, JSC INK-Capital General Director Ms. Sedykh referred to Irkutsk Oil Company as an example of how produced resources can be used sustainably, with all types of hydrocarbons refined in a holistic way. Environment is the Company’s focus point when implementing new projects, “as we spend not only cash but also our hearts and souls into this work.”  

“In recent years, alongside oil production, we have been enthusiastically developing other innovative businesses, building a large gas chemistry complex to process natural and associated petroleum gas,” Ms. Sedykh said.

The CEO also highlighted that Irkutsk Polymer Plant meets the most stringent environmental requirements and conforms to national and international standards. The Company adopted an Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO 14001 and an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in compliance with ISO 45001. It also implements an in-house environmental program including periodical monitoring of the rivers Lena and Polovinnaya, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and acting on biodiversity conservation.

Irkutsk Polymer Plant will deploy advanced technological solutions to mitigate environmental impacts: a round-the-clock automated system of measurement and control of emissions and discharges; effluents purification technology based on membrane bioreactor that will allow to keep discharges almost at zero and reuse water as much as possible (up to 98% of the total volume). In order to safely dispose of flammable vapors or gases, enclosed flaring facilities will be built. All types of waste will be sorted by hazard class considering the potential for recycling, reuse, utilization and neutralization. To take one example, the Plant will include facilities to process storm water and effluents sediment into artificial soil.

“Building this type of plant is not only about expenditures and challenges. It is also a great honor,” Ms. Sedykh said.

Irkutsk Oil Company (INK) is one of major private producers of raw hydrocarbons in Russia. The company incorporated in 2000 engages in geological study, exploration and development of 53 subsoil blocks in the Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk Region and Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). INK’s largest investment project is the gas chemistry cluster developed in Ust-Kut town. It consists of gas production, treatment, transportation and processing facilities, a helium plant, and Irkutsk Polymer Plant. INK Group currently counts 14 thousand employees. 

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