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Polymerisation reactor is installed at Irkutsk Polymer Plant

August 3, 2021

The heaviest piece of equipment - polymerisation reactor is installed at Irkutsk Polymer Plant. The unit weighs 538 tons, is 44.5 metres high and is 9.6 metres in diameter.
На Иркутском заводе полимеров установили реактор полимеризации

At the Irkutsk Polymer Plant in Ust-Kut, the polymerisation reactor was transported from the temporary storage facility to the installation area, where it was lifted upright with two crawler cranes and placed on the foundation. The whole operation took about 8 hours. Currently, 33 of 44 pieces of equipment units have been installed.

Installation, at the Irkutsk Polymer Plant site, continues. The operation of installing a product purge bin into a special metal frame is scheduled for September. Specialists will lift the equipment, weighing 500 tons, to a height of 60 metres.

The equipment was delivered from the port of South Korea to Ust-Kut in September 2020. The total weight of the cargo was 4,500 tons. Equipment installation, at the facility, is expected to be completed this fall.

The construction of the polymer plant in Ust-Kut is a part of development of gas-chemical cluster comprising gas production, treatment, transportation and processing facilities.

Irkutsk Polymer Plant would be the first plant in Eastern Siberia producing polymers from ethane. The producing capacity of the plant is 650,000 tons of product per year. Polymers are used in automobile and aircraft manufacturing, the space industry, medicine and the consumer goods industry. Irkutsk Polymer Plant will be similar to the most modern plants across the world. A total of 1,500 new jobs will be created.

OOO Irkutsk Oil Company approved the architectural concept of a new microdistrict in Ust-Kut Commissioning operations have started at the Ust-Kut Gas Processing Plant