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Irkutsk Oil’s cumulative production exceeds 15 million tons

June 5, 2015

Irkutsk Oil Company cumulatively produced its 15-millionth ton of hydrocarbons on June, 5 2015 since its inception in November 2000.
Накопленный объем добычи ИНК превысил 15 миллионов тонн

This salient accomplishment was achieved propitiously during the company’s preparation to celebrate its 15th year in business, demonstrating the solid growth that INK enjoys to this day.

In 2015, INK plans to produce up to 6 million tons of crude oil, increasing production by about 50%.

Per day production has increased 3.4 fold within the last four years.

Irkutsk Oil Production Increases By 140% in the First Half Year Irkutsk Oil Increased Production by 45% in the First Quarter of 2015