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Oil and gas companies dominate the all-Russian rating by revenues.

October 6, 2015

The Russian agency "Expert" published its rating of the 600 largest companies by revenues in the “Commersant” daily. Oil and gas companies revenues comprised 29.6% of the sales volume, with Irkutsk Oil Company placing 115th on the list.
Нефтяники и газовики лидируют в рейтинге крупнейших российских компаний по объему реализации продукции

According to Expert, INK has increased its revenues by 40% in just a year, going from 64.4 billion to 90.2 billion rubles in that time. Aside from INK, three other companies from Irkutsk region made it onto the Top 600 list.

The Expert noted that the private sector has achieved the most growth; the private industry grew by 15.7%, government enterprises by 11%, and foreign companies by 10%. In addition, private businesses made the most investments; the private sector increased its capital expenditures by 6.1%, the state-run sector by 1.7%, and foreign companies’ investments actually fell by 12%.

The private sector also dominates in productivity, leading with $205,000 in sales per employee, while the government enterprises make $193,500 per worker. The foreign businesses lag farther behind, with a low productivity of $145,000 in sales per worker.  

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