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The Reading Day to be held in Irkutsk on June 2-3 with INK’s support

May 23, 2023

Irkutsk Oil Company (INK) will be the general sponsor of the reading festival to be held in Irkutsk city on June 2-3.
Праздник чтения «День Ч» пройдет в Иркутске 2-3 июня при поддержке ИНК

The Reading Day is also supported by the administration of Irkutsk and in 2023 will be centered around the topic of reading and emotions. Writers, designers, children’s literature experts from Moscow and St-Petersburg will be among the guests of the event.

Children and adults are welcome to attend meet-the-artist sessions, workshops, activities dedicated to books, and drama improvisations. The highlight of the event is the exhibition “Illustrations and Emotions” displaying the works of participants of the international book illustration and visual literature festival MORS.

Attendance of all activities of the Reading Day is free of charge.

There are some other events on the program of the reading festival as well. On May 30-31, an offline workshop “School of reading for professionals” will be held for educators and librarians from Irkutsk, Kirensk and Ust-Kut, with psychologist Anna Tikhomirova and candidate of pedagogic sciences, lead specialist of Sociocultural Practices Laboratory of Moscow City University Elena Romanicheva as speakers. Participants will learn about modern methodologies to promote reading and reader practices of informal literary education. On June 1, the Children’s Day, citizens of Irkutsk will be able to attend the traditional family event “Fairy Tale Evening” in the House on the Jerusalem Hill.

The Reading Day is a festival for children and adults held since 2018 with Irkutsk Oil Company being the general partner since 2019. Organizers are the Wilhelm Von Humboldt German language center, Kukulya shop and children’s writer Anna Maslennikova. The event is designed to suit all ages, with separate programs developed for children, adolescents, parents and educators. The Reading Day project is mentioned in the national Education Atlas “100 projects dedicated to reading. Youth initiatives — 2018”, and in 2019 it was recognized as the best at the VI International Educators Forum held in Sochi.

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