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Risk analysis project of the large scale equipment delivery for the Irkutsk Polymer Plant won an international award

October 28, 2021

The project on risk analysis of large-scale cargo delivery for the Irkutsk Polymer Plant won a gold award at the international contest at Facilitation Impact Awards 2021. More than 20 organizations contested for the award this year.
Проект ИНК по анализу рисков доставки оборудования для ИЗП завоевал международную награду

In 2020, Irkutsk Oil Company delivered equipment from South Korea to the construction site of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant in Ust-Kut. From the South Korean Masan Port via the Northern Sea Route and then by the Lena River, the cargo was transported to Ust-Kut. The distance travelled was 12 thousand kilometres. This operation became the biggest logistic project in the Irkutsk Region and one of the largest ones in the contemporary history of Russia. The key problem was a narrow navigation window which was only one month long.

The presentation session was held in English and Russian, which enabled to identify the complete list of risks that affected the project execution. Experts had worked through all transport stages, detected over 300 scenarios of risk realization and developed over 200 risk management measures, including risk prevention actions. Thanks to clearly planned strategies, all cargo was delivered to the construction site of the polymer plant in Ust-Kut four days ahead of schedule.

“Our task was to provide the holistic view of the project’s risks, to elaborate all the transportation routes in detail and to detect the grey zones. To solve the problem, we chose the format of facilitation that ensured maximum commitment of all the participants and parties concerned. As a result, we arranged a risk-assessment session with the help of professional external facilitators (PowerLexis Company) which lasted two days and united more than 40 people. The key leaders of INK group, the representatives of manufacturing plant and forwarding companies, as well as independent Russian and international experts who had the experience of the large-scale logistic project’s execution,” said Mr. Denis Skorokhodov, Director of Risks and Business Continuity of INK-Capital, the Group’s holding company.

The results of the project on risk analysis were presented at the IV International Baikal Risk Forum in November 2020. The video is available at the BRIF YouTube channel

Facilitation Impact Awards is the most prestigious international award in the field of strategic sessions. The contest is organized by the International Association of Facilitators (, a professional community uniting the specialists in the field of team discussions moderation from more than 65 countries worldwide.


Yugra Governor Natalya Komarova and Irkutsk Oil Company founder Marina Sedykh discuss sustainability issues 100 thousand cubic meters of concrete poured at the construction site of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant