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Markovsky oil distribution hub becomes independent in energy consumption

March 2, 2016

Recently, the Markovsky power plant added four new gas-powered electric generators of Caterpillar design, all of which make over 1 megawatts. The three existing generators, capping at 1 MW each, now act as back-ups. The upgraded facility has the potential to generate over 7 megawatts.
ПСП «Марковское» обеспечили собственной энергией

With the latest addition of generators, the Markovsky distribution hub claims energy independence from the Irkutsk Electric Grid Company (IEGC), now a back-up energy outlet for the station. It’s fair to note that the gas originates from the Well #16, which is equipped for the production of heated gas.

The Central Checkpoint of Oil Collection (CPC) of the Markovsky field and the future gas processing plant will be enhanced with two electric stations, producing 6 MW each, to extend the power generation capabilities to 12 megawatts. 

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