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Cycling-process as the first commercial trial in Russia

December 21, 2010

On December 17, at the Second International Energy Forum in Moscow, Irkutsk Oil Company presented the report on ‘Cycling-process as the first commercial trial in Russia’.
Сайклинг-процесс — первый российский промышленный опыт

On December 17, at the Second International Energy Forum in Moscow, Irkutsk Oil Company presented the report on ‘Cycling-process as the first commercial trial in Russia’.

During the forum participants also discussed about energy efficiency of the Russian economy, implementation of innovative technologies, a search for and development of alternative energy sources as well as formation of effective response system in case of energy-related emergencies. The Forum was organized by the National Strategy Projects Agency with participation of members from the Russian State Duma, Innovative Laws Interagency Team of the Russian Presidential Administration, the Committee for Assistance to Russian Economy’s Modernization and Technological Development of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, relevant ministries and department, heads of Russian regions, experts and communities leaders, and media. Resolutions of the forum will be submitted to the Russian Presidential Administration, and the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and related departments and committees. 

“We understand that it’s impossible to achieve full-scale development of oil and gas fields amid scanty infrastructure of East Siberia without implementation of innovative technologies and unconventional decisions,” remarked Mr. Gennady Abramov, Deputy Chief Geologist for Gas Projects, Irkutsk Oil Company, in his report. “We have selected the cycling process to solve the problem of utilization of natural gas and APG. This is the only project in Russia when cycling-process is used to increase the recovery ratio of C2+ hydrocarbons from natural gas and utilize APG. At the same time, cycling-process meets the environmental challenge by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and serves as an example of rational nature management keeping methane underground for use in future.”

This August, Irkutsk Oil Company has successfully launched the Gas Cycling Facility at the Yaraktinsky field with the capacity of start-up complex of 0.9 million m³ per day. This technology allows increase of gas condensate recovery to 22% and reduction of gas flaring. The dried gas treated at the GCF is compressed and its main part is re-injected to the formation, while part of this gas is used for the Company’s needs, such as power generation plant with the capacity of 10MW, which provides electricity to all field’s facilities, boilerб and furnace. In future, the capacity of the power generation plant may be increased to 50MW.

Construction of the second start-up complex of GSF’s, first stage is scheduled for 2011-2012. This will increase its capacity to 3 million m³ of gas per day including 500,000 m³ of APG. By 2015, it is planned to re-inject up to 6 million m³ of gas per day and by that time the Company will be utilizing more than 95% of APG. Construction of the second GCF stage will allow for reduction of more than 588,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Total estimated emission reduction in 2013-1021 will be some 8 million 530 tons of CO2 equivalent.

Irkutsk Oil Company has 12 license blocks. The total commercial reserves are 67 million tons of oil, 9.5 million tons of gas condensate and 153 billion m³ of gas.

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