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INK’s Official Website Awarded Position in Top 5 Siberian Websites

February 3, 2016

INK’s official website,, landed 2nd place in a competition ranking the best corporate websites of Siberia as of 2015.
Сайт ИНК вошел в пятерку лучших

The judges of the contest, professionals and designers from prestigious web-studios, assessed the merit of Siberian corporate websites released exclusively in 2015. The websites’ evaluation examined a plethora of criteria, including originality, ease of access, and relevancy to subject matter.  

Praised by the judges, INK’s website “worked seamlessly on mobile applications, proved fast and responsive, and was relatively easy to use.” The judges also noted that INK’s site contrasted the “average corporate websites of oil industry…the sites are caged to one page, too full of information. The site received high marks in the “graphics and design,” “functionality and usability”, and “informational content and usefulness” categories.

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