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Student brigades participate in the construction of the OOO “Irkutsk Polymer Plant”

July 23, 2021

OOO “Irkutsk Polymer Plant” (IPP, a project of OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company”) hired 20 people from the student construction brigade for the construction of facilities.
Студенческие отряды участвуют в строительстве Иркутского завода полимеров

OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company,” for the first time, decided to invite student teams to work at its facilities. In February 2021, during a meeting, Olga Baranova, commander of the Irkutsk regional branch, and Roman Grinyuk, commander of the student construction brigades, announced the recruitment of students into the OOO “Irkutsk Oil Company” brigade. The student bridge came from Irkutsk State Transport University.

Student construction brigade is working at the construction site of the OOO “Irkutsk Polymer Plant” for 2 months. The students are primarily assisting in the organisation of the operation and the technical department, and in human resource management.

“This is a good opportunity for kids to get hand-on experience in the profession they’re studying, proving themselves to employers and getting job opportunities. Today, Ust-Kut welcomes the student brigades. We hope that the initiative of the Irkutsk Oil Company will become a good tradition, and the students themselves will soon become employees of the Irkutsk Oil Company,” said Marina Melyakina, lead specialist of the Corporate Training Center of the Irkutsk Oil Company.

Most of the students have already shown a desire to stay at the construction site after the end of the term.

“All the guys are happy,” says the brigade leader Konstantin Seredkin. “We’re getting a great experience and a new network. The experienced employees direct us and consult on work-related matters. In addition, this work serves as the internship. And, of course, there is a sense of pride that we contributed to the construction of such an important facility for the Irkutsk region and all of Russia.”

The construction of the polymer plant in Ust-Kut is a part of development of gas-chemical cluster comprising gas production, treatment, transportation and processing facilities.

Irkutsk Polymer Plant would be the first plant in Eastern Siberia producing polymers from ethane. The producing capacity of the plant is 650,000 tons of product per year. Polymers are used in automobile and aircraft manufacturing, the space industry, medicine and the consumer goods industry. Irkutsk Polymer Plant will be similar to the most modern plants across the world. A total of 1,500 new jobs will be created.

Commissioning operations have started at the Ust-Kut Gas Processing Plant On July 23 in Ust-Kut, a new medical facility, funded by the Irkutsk Oil Company, is set to open