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Irkutsk Children's Hospital gets new equipment with INK's support

October 13, 2017

A new generation of digital surgical complex OR 1 designed for endosurgery of newborns and infants has been commissioned at Ivano-Matryoninskaya City Children's Hospital (Irkutsk).  The cost of equipment manufactured in Germany and its installation amounted to 42 mln.rub., which were donated by Irkutsk Oil Company (INK).  
Уникальное оборудование благодаря поддержке ИНК появилось в иркутской детской больнице
The complex was presented on Thursday, October 12, in presence of the Minister of Public Health of Irkutsk Region Oleg Yaroshenko, Physician-in-Chief of the Hospital Vladimir Novozhilov and Chairman of the Board of Directors of INK Nikolay Buynov. 

- This is the first complex in the Russian Federation.  It enables 3D imaging and compilation with existing equipment to create virtual spaces, which means new opportunities in children's surgery, - Vladimir Novozhilov highlighted. 

After the official presentation, participants of this massive project witnessed the equipment in operation – a team of doctors headed by the Head of Newborn's Surgery Center of Ivano-Matryoninskaya City Children's Hospital, Chief Children's Surgeon of Siberian Federal District Yuri Kozlov performed a successful surgery on a newborn patient.  

Surgeon's workstation features supreme German accuracy of engineering and enables the unique opportunity of managing numerous functions by using touch screen or voice commands.  In addition, during the surgery, the doctor can change intensity and tone of lighting, adjust Full HD video imaging on screens for better visibility and view, and adjust the patient's position on the table.  Modern technologies used in OR1 enable to perform surgeries with minimum blood loss, maximum efficiency and within considerably shorter surgery time.  Thanks to the complex, the surgery is performed without incisions, which enables to avoid cosmetic defects and reduce post-operative period. Using special cameras, the actual size of objects measuring only a few millimeters across can be magnified significantly to the optimal level. 

"Our city is lucky to have such talented and unique people, who help our children and grandchildren – these are our doctors.  It is our big honor to help such professionals", - Nikolay Buynov said. 

Irkutsk Center of Newborn's Surgery ranks among the most advanced centers in Russia, and the surgeon Yuri Kozlov is one of the best children's surgeons in the world.  The new generation of endoscopic surgical equipment will enable Irkutsk doctors to perform even the most complicated surgeries with yet higher efficiency.
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