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INK Introduces New Automatic Data Transfer Technology From Remote Facilities

February 20, 2020

Irkutsk Oil Company introduces a wireless system for automatic data transfer using LPWAN technology for rapid data collection and remote control of distant oilfield facilities.
В ИНК внедряется технология автоматической передачи данных с отдаленных объектов

An automated mass data management system is part of the Digital Field Project. The project was developed to introduce a hardware and software suite to enable automated control of development and operation of INK’s fields in Irkutsk region.

The number of measurements for one field reaches several million per minute, and therefore constant access to real-time data requires the use of high-tech methods for information transfer, storage, and processing. Using the energy-efficient LPWAN technology will make it possible to monitor the operation of remote production facilities which have no nearby infrastructure for data transfer. Another advantage of the new system is its ability to transfer information even if terrain is not flat. At the same time, no additional CAPEX will be required due to the use of 4G LTE base stations as hardware.

Integrated automation of cluster facilities will reduce the number of regular technological bypasses, and it will quicken the transfer of information on any malfunction of hardware and improve the accuracy of transmitted data.

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