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Master plan of development of Ust-Kutsky district united 150 projects and initiatives

June 20, 2024

The director of Federal Autonomous Research Institute Vostokgosplan Mikhail Kuznetsov spoke on this in the interview to Vedomosti held with the participation of Iakov Ginzburg, INK General Director, chairman of the Executive Board.
В мастер-план развития Усть-Кутского района вошло 150 проектов и инициатив

Last year, Irkutsk Oil Company (INK) initiated development of a master plan for the Ust-Kutsky district aimed at transforming it into a modern and resident-friendly municipality by 2035. Vostokgosplan, which develops and implements master plans for 22 urban agglomerations in the Far East, is working on the master plan of the Ust-Kutsky district.

“With joined efforts of local communities, businesses, and government, we have prepared an impressive portfolio of 150 feasible projects and initiatives. The projects passed preliminary appraisal and budgeting, and organizational detailing is underway. In the months to come, this portfolio will transform into a detailed design document,” said Mr. Kuznetsov.

The head of Vostokgosplan emphasized three fundamental advantages of Ust-Kut:

“First of all, it is a large transportation hub enabled by the Lena River and the railway, which is a prerequisite for development of logistics and transit operations. Secondly, it has become a center of gas chemistry ‒ a promising industry with a high economic potential and new job opportunities.”

In addition, the area has a well-developed timber industry, which facilitates establishment of new production works.

“Being at the crossroads of these features, Ust-Kut will be not just a dot on the map, but a modern engineering center offering quality education, decent public amenities, high salaries, and excellent accessibility by transport. It is noteworthy that our project enjoys the support of the authorities. The Governor of the Irkutsk Region Igor Kobzev monitors its progress, and specialists of the regional government are directly involved in the document development. That is why the master plan was noticed at the federal level,” added Mr. Kuznetsov.

According to Iakov Ginzburg, INK General Director, the standards of living in Ust-Kut evidently do not keep up with the dynamic development of the Company production operations there.

“This is our home land, accommodating out key production sites, oil and gas processing facilities. On the one hand, we are building a cutting-edge polymer plant of a federal importance, on the other – the town of Ust-Kut is not up to the average national living standards,” noted Mr. Ginzburg.

It is important to the Company that INK facilities in Ust-Kut should be manned by local people rather than fly-in-fly-out staff.

“According to our estimates, the polymer plant will require some 1,600 employees. We will need operators, engineers and technical specialists. Hundreds of operating staff have been hired to date to prepare the facility start-up,” added INK General Director.

In order to train future employees, INK has been implementing a comprehensive career guidance program called ‘School – University – Employment’ since 2018. It includes a specialized INK class in one of the schools in Ust-Kut and a free-of-charge educational project ‘INK Academy”. In addition, targeted training and corporate groups are organized for higher school students, which enables them to acquire additional vocational training with a possibility of subsequent employment, on-site internship and office traineeship. As for adult citizens of Ust-Kut, they are offered an educational program ‘Profstart’ allowing people having no specific work experience to gain knowledge and skills under the supervision of an experienced mentor and become qualified specialists.

A full version of the interview is available here.

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