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Information Disclosure

Timely disclosure of full and reliable information on the Company is one of the main principles of corporate governance of JSC INK-Capital. The corporate governance activities of JSC INK-Capital are aimed at ensuring maximum transparency by developing and implementing the internal documents complying with the requirements of the best international practices, and by voluntary information disclosure to a larger extent as it is required by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

JSC INK-Capital discloses information on the Company Charter, the Regulations on the General Shareholders Meeting of the Company, the Regulations on the Board of Directors of the Company, the Regulations on the Dividend Policy of the Company, and other internal documents of the Company.

Also, JSC INK-Capital discloses information on the web page of  Interfax-TsRKI LLC (Russian name ООО «Интерфакс-ЦРКИ»), an information agency accredited by the Bank of Russia for corporate information disclosure.