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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors  provides JSC INK-Capital (hereinafter also referred to as the Company) with strategic guidance, monitors the activity of the sole executive body, determines major principles and approaches to organization of sustainable development and ESG framework, risk management and internal control system, and carries out other key functions, except for resolving the issues that fall within the competence of the General Shareholders Meeting, as stipulated by the federal laws and the Charter.  

The Board of Directors plays a key role in prevention, identification and resolution of corporate conflicts and conflicts of interest. For this purpose, JSC INK-Capital first adopted in 2015 the Regulations on Settlement of Corporate Conflicts and Conflicts of Interest, with due account for the best corporate governance practices. These Regulations set out the procedure for reviewing inquiries from the shareholders of JSC INK-Capital, and the procedures to prevent and resolve corporate conflicts and/or conflicts of interest.

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to provide strategic business planning for the Company’s activities, to approve the medium-term and long-term development plans, to help in achieving the sustainable development goals proclaimed by the UN in 2015, as well as the Company’s objectives on performance of the business activities for profit making, to protect rights and legitimate interests of the shareholders. The competence, procedures for convening and decision-making of the Board of Directors are set out in the Federal Law On  Joint Stock Companies, Charter of JSC INK-Capital and Regulations on the Board of Directors of JSC INK-Capital. The Board members of JSC INK-Capital are elected by the General Shareholders Meeting for the period until the next annual General Shareholders Meeting. The procedure of proposal by the shareholders of candidates to the Board of Directors is set out in Article 53 of the Federal Law On Joint Stock Companies and Clause 8.11 of the Charter of JSC INK-Capital.

The number of the Board members shall be determined by resolution of the General Shareholders Meeting in accordance with the Federal Law On  Joint Stock Companies. The composition of the Board of Directors is balanced, in particular, in terms of qualifications, expertise, and business skills of its members. The Board of Directors enjoys the confidence of the shareholders. The Board of Directors should include as least one independent director. The Board’s role among the management bodies of JSC INK-Capital and its activities, including the procedure for introduction of amendments to the agenda of a Board meeting, are regulated by the internal documents.

Pursuant to the international corporate governance best practices, since 2012 IPJSC Ingosstrakh insures responsibility of all Board members and the General Director of JSC INK-Capital.

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