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Flora and Fauna Conservation

The INK Group cares for preservation of ecosystems and the inhabiting species while conducting its operating and investment activities. It continuously analyzes the condition of flora and fauna in the areas where it operates, assesses potential impacts and takes action to minimize environmental risks.

The Group monitors and assesses its impacts on ecosystems to prevent the loss of fauna and flora diversity, mitigate and, where possible, preclude negative impacts in line with the philosophy “avoid - minimize - remedy - offset.” To monitor the efficiency of the conservation efforts, indicators were selected that enable continuous assessment of the wildlife condition and the impact of subsoil using companies on it.

In accordance with the Russian law and in line with the best international practices, the INK Group approved the Biodiversity Policy at the end of 2023, and the Group’s Irkutsk Polymer Plant has a biodiversity conservation program in effect since 2021.

In 2022, a table-top biodiversity assessment of 20 license blocks located in the Irkutsk Region was undertaken. Its findings laid the foundation for the Group’s biodiversity conservation program under development for two model subsoil blocks in the Irkutsk Region (the Yaraktinsky and Zapadno-Yaraktinsky) in accordance with the national and international requirements.

In 2023, the Group completed winter and summer field biodiversity studies in two subsoil blocks: the Yaraktinsky (operated by LLC INK) and Zapadno-Yaraktinsky (operated by JSC INK-Zapad), which provided input data for development of a comprehensive biodiversity conservation program. Upon completion of the studies, the Group proceeded to reforestation work in the major subsoil blocks.

Holistic forest management is a tool to overcome crises associated with climate change and biodiversity. These efforts are undertaken for the cause of sustainable development, ecosystem support, and better life standards. In accordance with the Forestry Code of the Russian Federation, subsoil users who lease forestland are obliged to conduct compensatory reforestation. As provided for by the law, companies may choose areas damaged by wildfires and felling to plant new forests, which helps to restore forests in an efficient and targeted manner.

Since 2021, the Group has performed reforestation works on a total of 850 hectares with 1.7 million seedlings of common pine planted.

INK also implements an annual program for reproduction of fish resources, whereby it releases young fish into water bodies. In 2022, LLC INK completed works to compensate for the damage to aquatic biological resources and their habitat. More than 100 thousand young grayling, peled, and carp fish were released into the Lena river and Bratsk water reservoir with its coastal rivers as an action to artificially reproduce aquatic biological resources. In addition, when the construction of Irkutsk Polymer Plant is completed, some 21 thousand young fish will be released, and at the operation stage, it is planned to release over 121 thousand young fish every year.

Alongside artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources, the Group also takes action to maintain animal populations in the areas where it operates.

In 2022, to provide a supplementary source of food for animals, 20 feeding stations, 50 mineral licks, and 20 pebble reservoirs were prepared and delivered to the feeding stations in the areas of rivers Buldeya, Iga, Yakurim, Maigumna, Barka, Zhilinnaya, Malaya Zhilinnaya, Riga, Tayura, and Turuka, streams Konnoy, Irim and Korenikha, and Kokuy area. 

The Group supports educational projects that contribute to conservation of ecosystems in the regions where it operates. Books, textbooks, and informative brochures for children and adults have been published in cooperation with educational and academic institutions.

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