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Rational Use of Natural Resources

Careful attitude to environment is an integral part of the Group’s mission. A desire to conserve a favourable environment defines the work of the Group in this area.

Irkutsk Oil Company LLC implements a Policy that accounts for an interrelation between environmental protection, occupational health and safety and sets out obligations in the rational use of natural resources.

Oil Production

To improve efficiency of subsurface development, Irkutsk Oil Company LLC has been implementing several projects to increase its oil recovery rate. The most significant and large-scale project is water-alternated-gas injection (WAGI). This technique has already been successfully applied at many fields in the world but it is the first time it is used in Russia. This advanced recovery method includes alternate water and gas injection to the formation. Injecting associated gas to the reservoir relieves the environment from harmful effects as a result of its flaring and increases oil production.

Gas Chemistry

A key element in operation of Irkutsk Oil Company LLC in the field of rational use of natural resources is a large-scale gas project consisting of three stages. Since 2014, Irkutsk Oil Company LLC has been actively developing infrastructure for production and processing of associated (oil) and natural gas. Primary facilities of gas business are located at the Yaraktinsky and Markovsky fields and in the city of Ust-Kut in the Irkutsk Region.

All three stages of the gas project will enable for efficient use of the produced raw materials, its complex processing and reduced level of atmospheric air and environmental impact.

In 2018, construction and commissioning of all facilities of the gas project first stage were completed: associated and natural gas treatment units, 3.6, a product pipeline and an LPG throughput facility. These facilities made it possible to reduce the share of flared associated petroleum gas and, therefore, emissions to the atmosphere.

Today, the Group completes the construction of second-stage facilities and continues the construction of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant as envisaged by the third stage.

According to the environmental consultant estimates (Ramboll CIS), the project of the Irkutsk Polymer Plant will have no irreversible negative effect on the environment and social setting and population health.

Read more about the gas project and environmental technologies that are used at the Irkutsk Polymer Plant.

Perspective Areas

Irkutsk Oil Company LLC develops new perspective areas to improve efficiency of using natural resources.

Blue Ammonia

Irkutsk Oil Company LLC, the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC), the Toyo Engineering Corporation (Japan) and the ITOCHU Corporation (Japan) co-operate on the feasibility study for the production of blue ammonia from natural gas produced at Irkutsk Oil Company LLC fields and its supply to Japan.

It is considered to produce raw materials using natural gas and CO2 capture; the CO2 can then be injected into the reservoir to improve its oil production. ‘Blue’ ammonia is now rated as one of the possible ‘fuels of the future’, largely because its consumption does not emit any greenhouse gases.


The Ink Group is getting ready to start commercial extraction of lithium from lithium-containing associated water produced in extraction of hydrocarbons at the Yaraktinsky field. Previously, the first Russian R&D laboratory was opened at the facility to study brines where samples of salts and lithium are already obtained and an opportunity to manufacture them at an industrial scale is confirmed.

A reservoir water production and processing project for producing lithium compounds and other valuable components is planned to be implemented at the Kovyktinsky field together with Gazprom PJSC. Irkutsk Oil Company LLC and PJSC Gazprom signed a respective memo on October 7, 2021 on the Saint Petersburg Gas Forum.