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Waste Treatment

Reducing production and consumption wastes and increasing the share of wastes transferred for processing are important components of the Group’s environmental policy.

A key role in reducing industrial wastes and increasing the share of processing is played by decreasing and disposal of mud pits. In 2019, the Group developed its own technology for disposal of drilling waste and obtained a respective license. This is how Irkutsk Oil Company LLC became able to process cuttings into technical soil and use it for construction purposes instead of burial.

The obtained composite soil forming material is environmentally friendly (tested upon 22 indicators in an independent laboratory), and its production has no negative effect on the environment.

As a result, the number of mud pits at subsoil blocks and group fields was reduced 4 times and the volume of disposed (decontaminated) wastes was increased.

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Some wastes (ferrous metals, waste paper, quicksilver lamps, batteries, tires, office machines, cardboard, plastic containers) is annually transferred to specialized companies for disposal, processing, use and decontamination.

Only about 10 % of wastes generated in the Group are delivered for burial.

Personnel at production facilities and in offices of the group are provided with clean potable water without using PET package. In the future it is planned to be completely PET-free: avoiding single-use containers, using individual thermoses and permanent cups. The goal is pursued by a long-term project Useful Plastic intended for collection and processing of PET packages launched in Ust-Kut in partnership with local entrepreneurs and eco-activists.

The company contributes to create a technology of micro-biological processing of organic wastes in order to obtain valuable products. This activity is undertaken together with the Irkutsk National Research University, the Irkutsk State University, the Irkutsk Institute of Chemistry named after Favorskiy in the Siberian Department of the RAS.

The Group tries to involve personnel of various subdivisions into the waste management system. A remote study course “Production and Consumption Waste Management” was developed describing legal requirements and rules of the Group in waste management. The course is mandatory for all personnel arriving to production facilities of Irkutsk Oil Company LLC.

Contractors also participate in these activities and must follow the Standard on Customer Requirements for Health, Safety, and Environment at all stages of waste management.

The Standard requires

  • to assign persons responsible for environmental safety and production and consumption waste handling providing mandatory specialized training;
  • sort wastes by types;
  • keep reporting documentation;
  • give personnel clear instructions on waste handling rules;
  • monthly inform the customer on generation and handling of wastes by providing proper documentary evidence.