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Fire Safety

The INK Group has had its own firefighting department since 2008. Its purpose is to protect people and industrial facilities located far from urban infrastructure from fires. The firefighting unit is able to operate not only at the INK Group production sites, but also in nearby municipalities, adjacent forest areas, and contractors’ sites.

As of 2021, the total personnel number is 130. The entire department has undergone initial training, and its leadership has a professional education in fire safety. Each employee has prior experience with the State Firefighting Service. The department has 18 items of firefighting equipment: tank trucks, foam extinguishing vehicles, a firefighting articulated foam tower, and tracked towing vehicles to extinguish forest fires.

The department conducts fire safety audits and fire drills. Plans for extinguishing fires in the oil fields have been developed, the infrastructure in the fields necessary to prevent and promptly localize fires is being improved, and firefighting units are on 24/7 service.

In 2016, Volunteer Fire Brigades were created to assist the main unit. At present, there are 21 Volunteer Fire Brigades consisting of more than 200 employees of the oil production division, who have received special training. Volunteers help monitor compliance with fire safety regulations at workplaces and respond to fire until the arrival of the main brigades. During the summer, the volunteer fire brigades are able to extinguish fires in areas covering tens of thousands of hectares and extending far beyond the limits of Irkutsk Oil Company LLC subsoil blocks. The accomplishments and proactive position of the Group in this area was publicly recognised by the Government of the Irkutsk Region.

The “Lava-K” firefighting training ground has been installed for training of personnel and members of volunteer brigades, similar to those used in training exercises of EMERCOM’s professional rescuers. The training ground provides an opportunity to feel the real conditions of the fire, to practice the techniques and various ways of extinguishing it, to form a psychological readiness to act in various emergencies.

Due to changes in legislation in the field of fire safety in 2020, a number of internal regulatory documents of the Group were updated, and the warning and evacuation control systems in office buildings in the city of Irkutsk were refurbished. During 2020, 479 internal fire safety audits of Irkutsk Oil Company LLC’s own and contractors’ facilities were conducted to verify compliance with fire safety requirements. The violations identified were eliminated within the established period.