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Personnel training

The INK Group pays special attention to the development of employees’ competencies, including those in the area of safety and production efficiency. Continuous staff development is underway.

Occupational health training is mandatory for all categories of employees. For this purpose, training programs have been developed and commissions have been established to verify knowledge of occupational health requirements. Managers and specialists are certified in industrial safety by the territorial commissions of Rostechnadzor. In addition, certification and admission of personnel to independent work at hazardous production facilities is carried out using the online system Unified Testing Portal, developed by Rostechnadzor.

The corporate training program for operational excellence PerfectUm is in place. The idea of operational excellence is the basis of economic efficiency and sustainable development of the organization. The School of Operational Excellence Program, on the one hand, is focused on preparing its participants for the upcoming challenges and tasks of the INK Group. On the other hand, the competencies that can be acquired as a result of the training increase the value and demand for the participants of the program in the labour market as a whole. The School of Operational Excellence creates a foundation for future improvements in quality, safety and efficiency management in the company and helps employees become agents of change.

In 2021, the group launched employee training using the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodology. It combines lean manufacturing to reduce waste and speed up processes with the Six Sigma approach to improve quality and customer satisfaction. The methodology has successfully proven itself in companies in various industries and is recognised as an integral part on the path to achieving sustainable development goals.