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General Shareholders Meeting

The General Shareholders Meeting is the supreme management body of JSC INK-Capital (hereinafter also referred to as the Company). JSC INK-Capital ensures the shareholders’ right to participate in the management of the Company. The shareholders have a right to manage the Company primarily through making decisions on most important issues relating to the activities of JSC INK-Capital at the General Shareholders Meeting.

The Company has adopted the internal documents ensuring, in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, shareholders’ rights to request that a General Shareholders Meeting be convened and to place proposals on its agenda, enabling the shareholders to get properly prepared for participation in General Shareholders Meeting, enabling the shareholders to exercise their right to vote. In particular, the competence, procedures for convening and decision-making of the General Shareholders Meeting are set out in the Charter of JSC INK-Capital and the Regulations on the General Shareholders Meeting of JSC INK-Capital. The basic rights of shareholders and the principles of their implementation are established by the Corporate Governance Code of JSC INK-Capital.

The procedure adopted in the Company for preparation to the General Shareholders Meeting and providing materials for it allows shareholders to properly prepare for participation therein. Thus, in order to ensure equal treatment of all shareholders, including foreign ones, the Company provides information on holding of the General Shareholders Meeting and information (documents) thereto not only in Russian, but also in English. In addition, the Company uses various virtual data rooms (VDR) to inform shareholders, access to such VDRs is granted to all shareholders.